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Roger Lycette provided an entertaining presentation about his beloved peonies. He and his wife, Sally, both master gardeners,  raise over 250 peonies in their home garden.  He loves to see the undeniable awe and pleasure every visitor experiences when they see the blooms up close. Roger discussed  the delicate, ephemeral flower and how to grow it in our Maine climate. As an active member of The Peony Society of Maine, Roger advocates amateur gardeners who would like to expand their awareness of the wide variety of peonies available to them, both modern and antique, and promote the cultivation of peonies to ensure their longevity for many decades to come.


Roger is quoted as saying, “.... we spend a lot of time and resources to make it what it is,” said Lycette, “but God makes it beautiful, and he just lets me take care of it.” 



Many thanks to Roger for such an informative talk.



The meeting felt like a celebration, complete with a beautiful refreshment table provided by Barb Bausch and her team. Barb decorated with a piece of her own art on each table. It was festive and inviting, as always. 


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