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Indoor tips for cleaner living
  • Living plants work to clean the air you are breathing by removing pollutants and absorbing gases through their leaves and roots.  Add potted greens all around your home, ideally near natural light. 

  • Aside from being low-maintenance and low-thirst, these houseplants were among the highest scorers in a NASA test for air-cleaning ability.  Their leaves absorb carbon dioxide to convert it into energy, and take in other gases, including volatile organic compounds like benzene and formaldehyde, along with it.  To spread the benefits, keep a peace lily, some snake plants and ivy around your house. 

  • Despite their docile name, peace lilies are great for the air but toxic to cats and dogs.  Pet owners, please keep them well out of reach.  

  • Change your furnace filter once a month so it efficiently removes dirt, dust and other allergens like mold spores, from the air.  Filters with MERV, or minimum efficiency reporting value, higher than 10 do this best.  If you do not have a centralized heating or air-conditioning system, consider a standalone unit.  

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