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The 2023 Annual Plant Sale was a record-breaking event for the Club. Led by Nan Bow and her terrific committee, the Aldermere Farm was bursting with flora, native and not, glorious color in annuals and perennials, ground cover and show stoppers, shade, and sun plants filled the room on June 3.

The Plant Sale proceeds fund Town Beautification and Scholarships. It is one of the Club’s principal fundraisers and, as always, was a terrific success. The great pleasure of this event is that supporting the sale supports our Town simultaneously.  It’s a Win-Win. We enrich local gardens with a choice of plants from the sale. The proceeds enable the Club to plant and maintain gardens and window boxes at Andre Memorial,  Aldermere Farm,  Camden/Rockport Arch, Goose River Bridge,  Marine Park Barrels, Memorial Park, Rockport Opera House, Rockport Post Office, West Rockport Post Office,  and decorating Rockport with garlands and Christmas Wreaths.  

A former scholarship recipient, Allison Gill, came to Aldermere Farm and helped prepare for the sale. Everyone was delighted to see her. Her visit is the best reward for all of the Club’s efforts. 

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