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Community Program Photos
Container Gardening,
Bringing Spring Inside with
Wendy Reinemann from
Guini Ridge Farm
April 6th meeting

Co-President Gail Nicholson opened our first meeting with wonderful fresh ideas equal to Wendy Reinemann's beautiful presentation about spring container gardening. Wendy's words of advice were, Thriller, Filler and Spiller, when planting a container arrangement.  She staged a "hands on" creation with members and guests that was auctioned off with some very serious bidding. All are eager to get to Guini Ridge Farm and start spring planting indoors and outdoors.

Many of us had not seen each other all winter so the chat and laughter were in full gear. There was some great talk about the Plant Sale on June 3rd and the beautification of Rockport team is in full swing with Liona, Colleen and Tricia at the nozzle.

Patti Peace and Jacquie Ferrara are Hospitality Co-Chairs.  They arrive early to meetings, meet their team and set up a beautiful refreshment table.  For the April meeting, there was an array of homemade cookies, banana bread, beautiful prosciutto-wrapped asparagus (from our Rockport Garden Club cookbook) deviled eggs, and a traditional punch.  The time involved and the attention to detail is always appreciated by our members.  

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